Given the importance of stills to a character in the T2K world and the fact that they were described as custom builds for the most part, I was annoyed by the lack of still options.

I created these formulas many years ago while bored in a Trig class. They are based on the values for small medium and large stills from the basic equipment sheet.

Use the calculator below to determine the output of a still given it weight

Enter Weight of Still in Kg.

Output in Liters Cost Input in Kg of Organic Materal
The equations i used for my calculation is

output = 7.436947493650609e-8 (weight) ^2 + 0.022876125494594512 (weight) + -11.049728888935046

cost = 0.000010933293638842444 (weight) ^2 + 1.508941645636664 (weight) + -561.6164658286974

input = -2.9309304319429788e-8 (weight) ^2 + 0.03854067358320092 (weight) + 3.0358900508758735

These are the result of standard 3 point quadratics. The input formula starts to fail (IMHO) for stills over 151,940kg (the point where input in Kg and output in Liters were equal). Beyond that point I ignore the formula and simply set input to the calculated output value. Weights of less than 500kg also produce unuseable values. My thought on this is that stills that weigh less than 500kg are unable to produce 1 Liter per day of pure alcohol, even though they may be able to produce smaller amounts of recreational alochol. Feel free to adjust any values to ones you agree with.