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Since this site has just launched technically these are "expected questions" but it will evolve into a true FAQ once I recieve some questions.
Q: Why do you require a login?
A: Well there are several reasons I chose to go with a login.
  1. To prevent some of the site from being searched by search engines. This site is currently being hosted on one my home boxes and this will reduce bandwith.
  2. Future plans for the site allow for personalized data in addition to the Metric/Imperial measurement setting I have now.
  3. I already had most of the code built from other projects.
Q: What will you do with my email?
A: The only reason email is kept is to allow for password reset and perhaps I will send an email if the site moves or is forced to be taken down for a period of time.
Q: What led you to build this site?
A: I was actually working on a very complicated Morrow/Phoenix Project logistical study and decided that using my web development skills would really help with the project.

Once I decided that a web interface would help me, giving the world access was only about 10% harder.

Q: Can I have some dumps of your data?
A: Sure send me an email from the front page and I'll try to get you what you want.
Q: You list weapons and explosives on your site as well as having maps to vital US facilities. Are you some sort of terrorist.
A: All the information here was gathered for use in Role Playing Games or Wargames.
Q: Did you take something from my site?
A: Maybe. If I did thanks. When I was originally gathering information I never expected to make a public website so I did not footnote. I will probably add a credits/thanks page at some point. Shoot me an email and I will add you. If I did take something you want removed let me know.
Q: I lost my password, what can I do?
A: Use the password recovery function on the Login Screen. If that does not work send me an email.
Q: Where do you get your pictures?
A: Several Places. I start with open sorce sites like wikimedia and government sources. Others are publicity photos provided to vendors. If you think you own a copyright and wish any photo removed let me know even though I think I am in the fair use department for most if not all images.