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Here are some links I have found useful in my gaming experience. I will add more later.
Paul Mulcahy’s Pages One of my favorites for a long time. I would not have built my site without Paul's as a Resource. Until I make a Thank You Page this will have to do.
Antenna's T2K Pages A great expansion of the equipment lists with a focus on Scandinavian Countries.
Chico's T2K Filedump Terrific Expansion of the base game data. Quite a bit of information on Orders of Battle.
Big Book of War An amazing collection of game stat documents for T2k. Mostly weapons, but including many vehicles, animals and general equipment.
93 Games Studio THe home page for Twilight 2013
The Supply Bunker The definitive Morrow Project Site
Red Cross Emergency Items Catalogue A very good resource for weight and volume of disaster relief equipment.